British - A king of Sarras. Father of Eliezer and Grimal. He was said to have been born in Gaul and was sent to Rome as a slave. He later went to Syria where he killed the son of a governor, fleeing to Babylon. He was made king of Sarras for helping Tholomer, the king of Babylon, with whom he later went to war. He embraced Christianity and was baptised as Mordrain before his battle with the Saracen king and Joseph of Arimathea gave him a white shield on which, during battle, appeared the figure of Christ on the cross which routed the enemy. He and Joseph came to Britain and built the Castle of Carbonek which could be invisible to sinners. Joseph (or Josephus) on his death-bed emblazoned a red cross on the shield with his own blood, enjoining Evelake to give the shield to Nascien the hermit to guard until it was claimed by Galahad. He is said to have lived for 300 or 400 years. Also called Evelake, Evalach, Evalach, Evalak, Evalak, Avalloc, Avalloc, Mordrain, Mordrain or Mordains.

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