Greek - Daughter of Asopus. Sister of Euboea and Aegina. In some accounts, identified as Evadne.
Greek - Daughter of Iphis. Wife of Capaneus. Mother of Sthenelus. Her husband was one of the Seven against Thebes who was killed in the fighting there. When his body was recovered after Theseus defeated the Thebans, she killed herself by jumping on to his funeral pyre. Sometimes identified as Evadne.
Greek - Daughter of Pelias. Pelias had murdered the parents and young brother of Jason who, returning with the Golden Fleece, sought revenge. Medea bewitched Evadne and her sister Amphinome and they killed their father and dismembered him, believing they could rejuvenate him. The third sister, Alcestis, refused to take part. In some versions, Pelias was bewitched into trying to rejuvenate himself in the boiling cauldron. After the death of Pelias, Acastus took the throne and banished Evadne from Iolcus. At times, referred to as Evadne.
Greek - Daughter of Poseidon by Pitane. She was reared by Aepytus and, when she gave birth to Iamus, her son by Apollo, he reared the boy also. Also known as Evadne.

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