Greek - A king of Oechalia. Son of Melanius. Father of Clyteus, Deioneus, Iole, Iphitus and Toxeus. He offered the hand of his daughter Iole to any man who could beat him and his sons at archery. When Heracles won, he reneged on his undertaking. He was killed by Apollo for his temerity in challenging the god to a similar contest. Heracles killed his son Iphitus in a dispute over some stolen horses. In some accounts he had earlier taught Heracles the art of archery. In some references, known as Eurytus.
Greek - Son of Actor and Molione. Twin brother of Cteatus. He and his twin, to whom he was joined at the waist, were said to have been born in a silver egg and were referred to as the Moliones. Their real father was Poseidon. They were employed as generals by Augeas, king of Elis, when Heracles attacked his kingdom and were later killed by Heracles who ambushed them en route to the Isthmian Games. Occasionally known as Eurytus.
Greek - One of the Earthborn Giants. Son of Uranus and Gaea. He was killed by Dionysus in the war between the gods and the giants. In some accounts, called Eurytus.

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