German - The name for Atli in the Nibelungenlied. Brother of Brodelin. Husband of Helche and Krimhild. Father of Porte and Scharpfe. Father of Ortlieb by Krimhild. When his first wife died, he married Krimhild whose first husband, Siegfried, had been killed by Hagen. He was later persuaded by Krimhild to invite Gunther and his nobles to the court where Krimhild plotted their death. He died when Aldrian lured him into the cave where the Nibelung treasure was stored and then locked him in, leaving him to starve to death. In some stories of Dietrich von Bern, he gave shelter to that hero when he ceded his kingdom to Ermenrich in exchange for Hildebrand and some others who had been captured. In Thidrekssaga he is Attila and his wife is Erka. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Etzel, Atli, Atli, Atle, Attila, Atle, Atli, Atli or Atle.

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