Etain Eachraidhe

Irish - Daughter of Ailill, king of Ulster. Wife of Midir and Eochaid Airemh or, some say, Eochaid Feidhleach. Midir put aside his first wife, Fuamnach, in favour of Etain. The discarded wife turned Etain into a fly or a butterfly and caused her to be buffeted by storms for many years. Finally, Etain was blown into the palace of Etar, an Ulster chieftain, and fell into a cup from which Etar's wife drank. As a result, Etar's wife became pregnant and bore a child, the reincarnated Etain. She married Eochaid Airemh but Midir, the husband of her earlier incarnation, carried her off to fairyland, both in the form of swans. Eochaid discovered where they were and stormed the fairy mound with his army, demanding the surrender of Etain. Midir conjured up fifty copies of Etain and Eochaid chose the one he thought was the real one. She was, according to Midir, a daughter of the real Etain so that Eochaid was now married to his own daughter who bore him a girl, Etain Oig. Some say she also bore Conary Mor. In some stories, she eloped with, or was carried off by, Angus Og. Others say that she is the same as Befind. On occassion, identified as Etain Eachraidhe, E(a)dain, E(a)dain, Eadaoin, Eadaoin, Etain, Etain, Etain, Etain Oig, Eda(e)in Echraidhe, Eda(e)in Echraidhe, Eithne, Eithne, Etain, Etain, Etain, Ethne, Ethnea, Ethniu, E(o)da(o)in, E(o)da(o)in, Eadaoin, Eadaoin, Etain, Etain or Etain.

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