Norse - A king of the Huns. Son of Hugdietrich or Ameline. Brother of Dieter and Dietmar. Father of Randwer. He proposed to marry Swanhild, the daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun, and sent his son, Randwer, and a servant, Sibich, to escort her to his palace. Sibich lied to the king saying that Randwer had seduced Swanhild on the journey. The angry king had his son hanged and Swanhild trampled to death by horses. Gudrun ordered her three sons by Jonakur to avenge her daughter's death and they set off to find him. Hamdir and Sorli killed their younger brother, Erp, en route, deeming him to be too young to be helpful, and when they found the king they cut off his hands and feet. Only the intervention of Odin, in his usual disguise as an old man, prevented them from killing the king. Some say that he was poisoned by Sibich, others that he was killed by Swanhild's brothers. In another story, he hanged two nephews, Imbreke and Fritele, for allegedly having designs on the queen. In a Danish version, he is Iarmerik who is due to marry Svanhild. A counsellor called Bikki accused her of adultery with Broder, the king's son, and Iarmerik had her trampled to death by horses but spared the life of his son because he was his only heir. In Germanic stories, he was Emperor of the West and the brother of Dietmar, who, when Dietrich succeeded his father on the throne of Bern, demanded tribute from Dietrich. When this demand was rejected, Ermenrich invaded, capturing Hildebrand and several more of Dietrich's men. Ermenrich, by threatening to kill the captives, forced Dietrich to surrender and to leave his kingdom, taking a small band of friends and going to the court of Etzel. In some accounts, identified as Ermenrich, Ermanaric, Ermanaric, Ermenerich, Ermenerich, Ermrich, Ermrich, Hermaneric, Hermaneric, Jomunrek, Jomunrek, Jormunrekk, Jormunrekk, Erminik, Erminik, Hermanric, Hermanric, Iarmerik, Iarmerik, Jomunrek(k) or Jomunrek(k).

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