Greek - Daughter of Talaus and Lysimache. Daughter (or sister) of Adrastus, some say. Wife of Amphiaraus. Mother of Alcmaeon, Amphilochus and Demonassa. Polyneices bribed her with the necklace of Harmonia to persuade Amphiarus to join the Seven Against Thebes. Amphiarus knew that he was fated to die and made his children swear to avenge his death and conquer Thebes. She later accepted a bribe from Thersander, who gave her Harmonia's wedding veil, to persuade Alcmaeon to join the Epigoni in their assault on Thebes. Alcmaeon led the Epigoni who conquered Thebes and then killed his own mother for her betrayal of her husband. In some references, known as Eriphyle, Eriphule or Eriphule.

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