Greek - King of Athens. Son of Hephaestus and Gaea. Father of Pandion. It is said that he was accidentally fathered on Gaea by Hephaestus when he attempted to rape Athena but, in some accounts, he is the son of Atthis and husband of Praxitea. He had snakes' tails for legs. He was adopted by Athene and nursed by Aglauros, Herse and Pandrosos, daughters of Cecrops, king of Athens. He is said to have invented the chariot to hide his serpent-like legs. He deposed Cranaus to take the throne of Athens and was set in the stars as the constellation Auriga and worshipped as a serpent when he died. Some accounts identify him with Erechtheus. In some accounts, known as Erichthonius.
Greek - Son of Dardanus and Batea. Husband of Astyoche. Father of Tros. He is said to have owned a herd of horses which numbered some two thousand. In some accounts, identified as Erichthonius.

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