Mesopotamian - A Babylonian goddess of death and the underworld. Sister of Inanna. Sister of Ishtar, some say. Consort of Gugulanna or Nergal. Mother of Ninazu. In some versions she started out as a sky-goddess but was abducted by the dragon Kur to the underworld. When Nergal came to the underworld at her command after she had slighted her attendant, Namtar, she saved herself from death at his hands only by sharing power with him. In other versions her consort is Gugulanna. A different version says that she fell in love with Nergal when he came down from heaven with food and she threatened to raise all the dead unless Anu sent Nergal back as her husband. Namtar was sent to heaven as an envoy and Nergal hurriedly returned to the underworld and became the queen's consort. In some accounts she is the same as Inanna. In some lore, occasionally called Ereshkigal, Ereskigal, Ereskigal, Erishkigal, Erishkigal, Ninmug, Ninmug, Irkalla, Irkalla, Carthaginian Allatu, Carthaginian Allatu, Allat, Allatum, Semitic Allatum, Semitic Allatum or Allatu.

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