Irish - A leader of the Milesians. Son of Milesius and Scota. Brother of Amergin and Eber Finn. Husband of Tea. After the defeat of the Danaans, in which Eremon killed one of the Danaan kings, Mac Cecht, the sovereignty of Ireland was decided by the druid Amergin who gave the throne to Eremon for his lifetime, then to Eber Finn. This was not accepted so Eremon took the north of the island and Eber Finn took the south. Eventually they fought for supremacy at the Battle of Bile Teineadh where Amergin and Eber Finn were killed. In some references, referred to as Eremon, Airem, Airem, Eireamhoin, Eireamhoin, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochu, Heremon or Heremon.

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