Greek - A giant. Son of Aloeus or Poseidon by Iphimedea or Canace. Twin brother of Otus. He and his brother Otus were known as the Aloadae, sons of Aleous, but their real father was Poseidon. Unlike the other Giants, they were noble beings. He and Otus imprisoned Ares to demonstrate their power and threatened to pile Pelion on Ossa to attack the Olympians but were persuaded by Poseidon not to try or were killed by Apollo or Heracles. They planned to carry off Artemis but she knew what they were about to do and set a trap for them. She flew over the sea to Naxos where they followed. She then set a white hind in their path which they immediately set out to hunt. Each threw his javelin from opposite sides of the hind which then disappeared and each died from the other's throw. An alternative version says that, when they tried to abduct Artemis and Hera, Artemis ran between them. Each aimed a shot at her but she avoided the arrows and each brother inadvertently killed the other. They were said to have been bound back to back and fastened to a column by snakes when they went to Tartarus. Called Ephialtes, Epiales, Epiales, Epialtes or Epialtes.
Greek - One of the Earthborn Giants. Son of Uranus and Gaea. He was killed during the battle between the giants and the gods. Apollo shot him in one eye and Heracles in the other. At times, called Ephialtes, Epiales, Epiales, Epialtes or Epialtes.
Greek - A demon seen in nightmares; An incubus. Also commonly identified as Ephialtes, Epiales, Epiales, Epialtes or Epialtes.

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