Eoghan Mor

Irish - A king of Munster. Son (or, some say, father) of Mogh. Neid and Sioda. Father of Ailill Alom. He deposed three kings in the southern half of the country and when one of them, Angus, enlisted the help of the high-king, Eoghan defeated Conn in battle and forced him to accept the division of the country into two. Eoghan took the southern half (Mug's Half). Another version says that he was installed as king of Munster when his father deposed two kings, who, with the help of Conn, defeated Eoghan who then went into exile and married the Spanish princess, Beare. He later returned at the head of a Spanish army and forced Conn to share the country with him. The fight was later renewed, Conn was victorious and Eoghan was killed at the Battle of Moylena. In some accounts, he came to Ireland at the time of an impending famine and built a huge underground store which he filled with food later given to the men of Ireland when the famine struck but, in return for this, he demanded the throne for his son. He is said to have invented the wooden spade. In some accounts, known as Eoghan Mor, Eoghan Fial, Eoghan Fial, Eoghan Fithiseach, Eoghan Fithiseach, Eoghan Taidleach, Eoghan Taidleach, Mag Nuadat, Mag Nuadat, Mag Nuadhat, Mag Nuadhat, Mug Neadat, Mug Neadat, Mugh Nuadhat, Mugh Nuadhat, Eog(h)an Fial, Eog(h)an Fial, Eoghan Fithiceach, Eoghan Fithiceach, Mag Nuad(h)at, Mag Nuad(h)at, Mogh Neid, Mogh Neid, Mog Neid, Mug(h) Nuad(h)at, Mug(h) Nuad(h)at, Owen, Owen, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan Beal, Eoghan mac Ailealla, Eoghan mac Durthacht, Owain, Eoghan or Owain.

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