Eoghan mac Durthacht

Irish - A warrior of Ulster. One of the champions of the Red Branch. In a fight with Cet he had one of his eyes knocked out. Conor mac Ness reneged on his promise of safe-keeping when Deirdre and Naisi returned from Scotland and had Eoghan kill Naisi and his brothers, forcing Deirdre into marriage. She refused ever to smile again and so Conor gave her to Eoghan. She hated him so much that she killed herself. In some accounts, Maine, not Eoghan, killed Naisi. In some references, referred to as Eoghan mac Durthacht, Eogan, Eogan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan Beal, Eoghan mac Ailealla, Eoghan, Owen, Owen, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan Mor, Owain or Owain.

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