Eoghan Beal

Irish - A king of Connaught. Brother of Ailill Ionbhanna. Father of Ceallach and Muireadhach. He was at war with the sons of Muircheartach of Ulster and was killed in battle. He gave orders that his body be buried in a standing position on the border of the province. This was done and it successfully defended Connaught until, in a massive raid, the Ulstermen dug up the body. Also known as Eoghan Beal, Eogan, Eogan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan mac Ailealla, Eoghan mac Durthacht, Eoghan, Owen, Owen, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan, Eoghan Mor, Owain or Owain.

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