Irish - Son of Eanna Cinsealach. Angered by the refusal of the poet, Laidcheann, to give him food, Eochu burnt his house down to the ground. The high-king, Niall, invaded Leinster and took Eochu captive but he managed to throw a stone which killed Laidcheann. He was then exiled to Scotland and killed Niall with an arrow when the king visited that country. Occasionally known as Eochu, Eochaid, Eochaid or Eremon.
Irish - A king of Scotland. Husband of Feidhilm. Father of Aodan and Brandubh. He carried off Muireadhach from Ireland but the young man killed him and took Earc, daughter of Loarn, back to Ireland as his wife. When his wife gave birth to twin boys, he exchanged one of them for one of the twin girls born at the same time to Ingheanach, wife of the king, Gabhran. Referred to as Eochu, Eochaid, Eochaid or Eremon.

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