Eochaid mac Maireadha

Irish - Son of Mairidh. Brother of Mis and Ribh. Father of Airiu and Li Ban. He eloped with his father's wife, Eibhliu, on a horse provided by Angus Og. Where the horse stopped to urinate, a spring appeared and they built a house there. The spring later flooded the area and Eochaid and his family, except Li Ban, were drowned. In some accounts, Midir supplied the horse on which they eloped. Sometimes identified as Eochaid mac Maireadha, Eochaidh, Eochaidh, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochaid Allmuir, Eochaid Armdhearg, Eochaid Beag Dearg, Eochaid Beag mac Cairbre, Eochaid Dala, Eochaid Eigeas, Eochaid Feidhleach, Eochaid Glas, Eochaid mac Eachach, Eochaid mac Erc, Eochaid mac Erca, Eochaid mac Luchta, Eochaid Muigl, Eochaid Mumho, Eochaid Ollathair, Eochaid Ronn, Eochaid Salbuidhe, Eochaid Uaircheas, Eochaid Yellowmouth, Eochaid, Eocho, Eocho, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochaid Airemh, Eochy, Eochy, Bres, Eochaid, Eochaid or Eochaid.

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