Eochaid Airemh

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Brother of Ailill Anghuba. Husband of Etain. Father of Etain Oig. His brother Ailill Anghuba became ill with longing when he saw the beautiful Etain. When Midir, the husband of Etain in a former incarnation, turned up at Eochaid's court they played chess together and Midir claimed the victor's prize of a kiss from Etain. Eochaid promised that this should be bestowed at a later meeting. When Midir arrived and found the palace surrounded by warriors he used his magic to appear before Eochaid, claim Etain and depart with her, rising like birds into the air, heading for Slievenamon, the mountain of the fairies. When Eochaid learned from a druid that Etain was living in a fairy mound he stormed it with an army. Midir offered to surrender Etain but sent fifty maidens so like her that Eochaid could not tell which was really his wife. She gave him a sign and he reclaimed his queen. They later had a daughter called Etain Og. Others say that the woman he chose from the fifty was his own daughter and that Conary Mor was a son of their union. In some accounts, his brother was Eochaid Feidleach Identified as Eochaid Airemh, Eochaidh Aireamh, Eochaidh Aireamh, Eocho, Eocho, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochaid, Eochaid Allmuir, Eochaid Armdhearg, Eochaid Beag Dearg, Eochaid Beag mac Cairbre, Eochaid Dala, Eochaid Eigeas, Eochaid Feidhleach, Eochaid Glas, Eochaid mac Eachach, Eochaid mac Erc, Eochaid mac Erca, Eochaid mac Luchta, Eochaid mac Maireadha, Eochaid Muigl, Eochaid Mumho, Eochaid Ollathair, Eochaid Ronn, Eochaid Salbuidhe, Eochaid Uaircheas, Eochaid Yellowmouth, Eochy, Eochy, Bres, Eochaid, Eochaid or Eochaid.

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