Mesopotamian - The Sumerian god of air, earth, storms, wind. Son of An and Ki, An and Nammu or Ansar and Kissar. Brother of Ea or Enki. Brother of Aruru, some say. Consort of Ninlil. Consort of Mylitta or Nintu, some say. Father of Ashnan, Nanna, Nergal, Ninazu, Ninurta and Sin. In one story it is said that he mated with his mother to produce the human race; in another he was one of the gods who fashioned men from clay as their servants. He also created the demigods Emes and Enten. When the gods became angry at the noise men made, Enlil first sent a plague, then a drought, then a ban on reproduction and finally the flood that exterminated all the race except Zuisudra who had been warned by Enki. He raped the grain goddess, Ninlil, and was sentenced to death. Ninlil followed him to the underworld where their son Nanna was born. When Marduk came to power he blinded Enlil and killed his father, An. He is said to have created the monster Labbu. He is sometimes equated with Ramman and is depicted as part man, part fish or as part goat, part fish. Also identified as Enlil, Bel-Enlil, Bel-Enlil, Elil, Elil, Ellil, Great Mountain, Great Mountain, Ilu, Ilu, El, Lord of the Storm, Lord of the Storm, Narru, Narru, Nunammir, Nunammir, Old Bel, Old Bel, Rimm, Rimm, Rimn, Rimn, Zulummar, Zulummar, Bel, Bel, Baal, Beli, Belinus, Ninurta, Illil(os), Illil(os), 'windlord', 'windlord', Babylonian Adad, Babylonian Adad, Hadad, Idurmer, Ishkur, Mer, Ea, Ea, Aa, Ansar, Ea-Sarru, Hea, Hoa, Nidim, Nidimmud, Aa, Amma-ana-ki, Aos, Dunga, Engur, Enki, Enti, Kuski-banda, Lamha, ugal-ida(k), Lugalid, Mummu, Nadimmud, Naqbu, Nidim(mud), Ninbuba, Ninigkug, Nudim(mud), Nun-ura, Sa-kala-ma, Sassu-wunnu, Shar Apsi, Sumerian Enki, Hurrian Ellil, Hurrian Ellil, Kumarbi, Kumarbi, Ellil, Kumarbis or Sumerian Enlil.

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