Mesopotamian - A warrior. He was created by Aruru from clay and spittle as a friend for Gilgamesh and lived as a wild man until Gilgamesh tamed him by using a prostitute named Shamhat to seduce him and made him his companion in many adventures. He helped Gilgamesh to kill the giant Huwawa and the Bull of Heaven but was struck down with a fatal illness as a result. In an effort to save him, Gilgamesh sought immortality and got hold of a piece of the 'Never Grow Old' plant but it was stolen from him by a snake. In another version, Enkidu was trapped in the underworld when he went down to retrieve a drum that Gilgamesh had accidentally dropped. He is envisaged as having the legs and hoofs of a goat or as half man, half bull. At times, referred to as Enkidu, Ea-bani, Ea-bani, Eabani, Eabani, Engidu, Engidu, Enkita, Enkita, Enkimdu, Enkimdu or Enbilulu.

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