Mesopotamian - A Sumerian creator-god, water-god, god of justice, magic, wisdom. A name for Ea as 'lord of the world'. Son of An and Ki or of An and Nammu. Husband of Ninhursaga as Damkina. Father of Asalluha and Ninsikil. He was said to have risen from the waters of the Persian Gulf as a fish-god. The gods created man from clay as servants and when they got tired of man and Enlil and sent a flood, Enki warned Zuisudra. In one creation story he exposed the heads of buried mankind with his hoe before Ninhursaga gave them life. In some accounts he fathered Ninsar on his own wife, Ninhursaga, then Ninurru on his daughter Ninsar and finally Uttu on his granddaughter Ninkurru. Others say that Uttu was his daughter by Ninhursaga and that he had a daughter, Nin-Imma, by Ninkurru. He lived in Dilmun, the earthly paradise, with Ninhursaga until they quarrelled. The quarrel arose over his pursuit of his own daughters and an affair with Uttu the goddess of weaving. Ninhursaga recovered some of the semen from Uttu's body and grew eight plants from it. Enki foolishly ate the plants and became ill, recovering only when Ninhursaga placed him in her own body so that he was born again. In other versions, he gave birth to eight children to replace the plants he had eaten or Ninhursaga gave birth to eight deities, each of which cured one of the ailments that afflicted Enki after eating the plants. It was Enki who warned Atrahasis of the coming flood, sent by Enlil, so enabling him to escape. He fought with the dragon Kur when he abducted Erishkegal. Occasionally called Enki, Ea, Ea, Aa, Ansar, Ea-Sarru, Enlil, Hea, Hoa, Nidim, Nidimmud, Aa, Amma-ana-ki, Aos, Dunga, Engur, Enti, Kuski-banda, Lamha, ugal-ida(k), Lugalid, Mummu, Nadimmud, Naqbu, Nidim(mud), Ninbuba, Ninigkug, Nudim(mud), Nun-ura, Sa-kala-ma, Sassu-wunnu, Shar Apsi, Sumerian Enki, Lugal-abzu(ak), Lugal-abzu(ak), Lugal-idak, Lugal-idak, Lugal-ida, Nadim(mud), Nadim(mud), Babylonian Ea or Babylonian Ea.

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