Japanese - A Buddhist god of death, lord of hell. He is the ruler of Yomi-tsu-kuni and has a magic mirror which detects sin but he judges men only. Also referred to as Emma-O, Emma, Emma, Emma-ho, Emma-ho, Emma-Sama, Emma-Sama, Yama, Yama, Yama, Universal King, Chinese Yen-lo (Wang), Yen Wang, Tibetan Chos-rgyal, gShin-rje, Phyi-sgrub, Ten Yama Kings, Yemma, Yemma, Yemma-Dai-O, Yemma-Dai-O, Yemma-O, Yemma-O, Emma-(Sama), Emma-(Sama), Yemma(-dai-O) Yemma-O, Yemma(-dai-O) Yemma-O, Chinese Yen Wang, Chinese Yen Wang, Yama, Hindu Yama, Hindu Yama, Ratnasambhava, Yama-Raja, Yima, Pacific Yama-Raja, Pacific Yama-Raja, Yama, Emma-ten, Emma-ten, Emmaten, Emmatan or Buddhist Yamadeva.

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