Welsh - A prince. Son of Gwyddno Garanhirtan. He and his father found the baby thrown into the sea by Ceridwen and raised him as Taliesin. He foolishly boasted that his wife was more virtuous than any woman of King Maelgwn's court and that he had the most skilful bard. He was imprisoned by Maelgwn, his uncle, until he could prove his assertions. Rhun was sent to test the virtue of Elphin's wife but she exchanged places with her maid. When Taliesin was brought to the court he put a spell on the other bards so that they could not sing properly while his own efforts unlocked the chains that bound Elphin and raised a storm that shook the castle. Another version includes Elphin's horses which raced those of Maelgwn and won. They dug at the point where the winning rider threw down his cap and found a huge pot of gold. In some accounts, this story has King Arthur instead of Maelgwn. Sometimes known as Elphin, Elffin, Elffin or Elfin.

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