Norse - A king of Northumberland. His kingdom was invaded by Ragnar Lodbrok who was captured in the fighting. When he refused even to give his name, Ella had Ragnar thrown into a pit full of snakes. He was saved by the magic shirt his mother had made but Ella soon realised what was happening and had the shirt stripped from his prisoner. Ragnar soon died from snake-bites. Ragnar's sons mounted another attack to avenge their father but Ella's forces destroyed most of the invaders. He accepted the surrender of the survivors and gave them land on which they built a fortress which, it is said, became the city of London. Ivar stayed on and gradually attracted the support of the people who eventually rose against the king who was captured and killed on a stone altar. Some say that Ragnar's son carved an eagle on Ella's chest in revenge. In some references, known as Ella, Ishtar, Ishtar, Asdar, Ashdar, Astar, Estar, Ininna, Irnini, Istar, Lady of Battles, Sirtu, Tamar, Agusaya, Anunitum, As(h)darAshtart, Ast(h)ar, Bau Gula, Kilili, Mah, Mama, Mami, Minu-anni, Minu-ulla, Mylitta, Qadishtu, Sarpanitu, Babylonian Ashtoreth, Egyptian Hathor, Greek Aphrodite, Hebrew Tamar, Hurrian Shaushkas, Phoenician Astarte, Sumerian Baba, Inanna, Iku, Nidaba Nin or Saltu.

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