Welsh - Daughter of Eudaf. Sister of Cynan and Gadeon. Wife of Macsen. Mother of Antonius, Cystennen, Demetus, Leo, Owain, Plebig and Sevira. She and her husband, a Roman, led an army to recapture Rome from a usurping emperor. After her husband's death she returned to Wales, devoted her life to promoting Christian works, and her children became the progenitors of the royal dynasty. In some accounts, she is the daughter of Octavius and Macsen left her to conquer Armorica and Rome and never returned. In some accounts, Elen is the wife of Merlin and the same as Helena, daughter of Coel. In some references, called Elen, Helen of the Hosts, Helen of the Hosts, Elen Luyddog, Elen Luyddog, Elen Lwddog, Elen Lwddog, Elen Lwyddawg, Elen Lwyddawg, Helen-of-the-Hosts or Helen-of-the-Hosts.

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