Elder Edda

Norse - The older of 2 major collections of myths, epic poems, etc., written in verse, and compiled by Saemund. About 1090. The first part deals mainly with the gods. Information about the gods is given in Grimnismal (The Lay of Grimnir) and Vafthruthnismal (The Lay of Vafthruthnir) while the doom of the gods is dealt with in the Voluspa. The second part deals with the Norse heroes whose stories are told in the poems Aegidrekka (The Carousal of Aegir), Alvis-Mal (The Lay of Alviss), Fjol Svinnsmal (The Lay of Fjol), Grimis- Mal (The Lay of Grimnir), The Magic Lay of Groa-Galdur, Harbards-Ljod (The Lay of Harbard), Havamal (Sayings of Odin), Hrafna Galdur Odins (The Spell of Odin's Raven), Hymiskvida (The Lay of Hymir), Hyndlu-Ljod (Hyndlu's Chant), Lokasenna (The Taunting of Loki), Rigs- Thula (The Lay of Rig), Skirnis-For (The Quest of Skrinir), Solar-Ljod (The Song of the Sun), Thryms-Kvida (The Lay of Thrym), Vegtama-Kvida (The Lay of Vegtam), the Volsung Cycle, Volundar- Kvida (The Lay of Volund). In some lore, occasionally called Elder Edda, Codex Regius, Codex Regius, Poetic Edda or Poetic Edda.

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