Elder Brother

North American - A hero of the Natchez tribe. He and Younger Brother were fishing when a huge fish surfaced. It was too big to catch on a line so Younger Brother jumped into the water, tied to a rope, and grabbed the fish in his arms. The fish escaped and swallowed its attacker, cutting his life-line. Only the kingfisher offered to help - he pecked so hard at the fish that it died and Elder Brother was able to cut it open and rescue what was left of his brother. All that was left was the head which could still talk. When Elder Brother took Younger Brother's wife as his own, the head plotted to kill them but a bird warned them of the plan and they ran away, followed by the head rolling after them and yelling loudly. A mudwasp turned the woman into a man and the head chose the wrong one, taking the new 'man' to hunt. When they came to a river they swam across but the new man sang a chant which caused the head to be trapped for ever under water. 'He' then returned to her proper female form and, when she became pregnant, put her children inside a cane and carried it with her. She later released them and they became the ancestors of the tribe. In some references, referred to as Elder Brother.
North American - A culture-hero of the Pima. He and Younger Brother completed human beings by cutting an opening in the face so that they could eat and another in the back so that they could defecate and by separating their webbed fingers and toes and removing their horns and tails. He is involved in many tales of creation and the destruction of evil in which he dies and is revivified. At times, known as Elder Brother.

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