Irish - Husband of Eithne. In one version of the story of the birth of Angus Og, Elcmar is given the name Nuada and he is sent off for nine months on a journey by the Dagda who seduced his wife, now known as Eithne. Occasionally known as Elcmar, Ealchmar, Ealchmar, Elcmhair, Elcmhair, Elcmhaire, Elcmhaire, Elcmhar, Elcmhar, Elcmhare, Elcmhare, Elcmare, Elcmare, Elcmair, Elcmair, Elcmaire, Elcmaire, Elkmar, Elkmar, Nuada, Nuada, Nuadhu Find, Nuadhu Necht, Airgedlamh, Airgetlamh, Argatlam, Ne(a)chtan, Nuadhu (Find), Nuadu, Nuda, British Nodens, Welsh Nudd, Neit, Nuada, Nuada, Elcmha(i)r(e), Elcmha(i)r(e), Elcma(i)r(e) or Elcma(i)r(e).

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