Irish - A fertility-goddess. An aspect of the Triple Goddess. Wife of Mac Greine. Mother of Lugh by Delbaeth, some say. She, with Banba and Fohla, was one of the three goddesses regarded as the original rulers of Ireland. When her husband and the other Danaan kings, Mac Cool and Mac Cecht, were killed by the invading Milesians, she and her sisters said they would give up their kingdoms if their names were given to the land. When they were refused, war broke out between them. Her name, however, did become the name for Ireland. Some say she is the wife of Lug or of one of Turenn's sons. Sometimes known as Eire, Ama, Ama, Amma, Anith, Anith, Anu, Anu, Ana[sup], [/sup], Aonach, Aonach, Eadna, Eadna, Eirean, Eirean, Eirin, Eirin, Eirinn, Eoghana, Eoghana, Eri, Eri, Erein, Eriu, Eri, Eri, Erin, Erin, Iath, Iath, Ith, Ith, Ith, Ith, Momo, Momo, Mumham, Mumham, Nannam, Nannam, Nanu, Nanu, Pisces, Ops, Ops, Sibhol, Sibhol, Anan, Anan, Ana, EireanEoghana, EireanEoghana, Eri(u), Eri(u), I(a)th, I(a)th, Nannan, Nannan, Sibhd, Sibhd, Tlachtga or Tlachtga.

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