Eight Precious Things

Chinese - Groups of Taoist symbols appearing. As charms. There are several such groups, some of which are: 1. book, coin, leaf, lozenge, mirror, pearl, rhinoceros horn, stone chime - these are the Eight Ordinary Symbols. 2. castanets, drum, fan, flowerbasket, flute, gourd, lotus, sword - these are the symbols of the Eight Immortals 3. gall-bladder, heart, intestines, kidney, liver, lungs, spleen, stomach - these are the Eight Precious Organs of Buddha 4. canopy, conch-shell, fish, fan, lotus, mystic knot, umbrella, wheel of the law - these are the Eight Auspicious Signs 5. artemisia leaf, cash, double lozenge (or two books), hollow lozenge, inverted V, pair of horns, pearl, solid lozenge Also called Eight Precious Things, Eight Auspicious Signs, Eight Auspicious Signs, Eight Ordinary Symbols, Eight Ordinary Symbols, Eight Precious Organs of Buddha, Eight Precious Organs of Buddha, Eight Treasures, Eight Treasures, Pa Pao or Pa Pao.

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