Eight Immortals

Chinese - A group of mortals who became Taoist divinities. These personages are listed as:
  1. Ts'ao Kuo-chiu
  2. Lü Tung-pin
  3. Li T'ieh-kuai
  4. Han Chung-li
  5. Han Hsiang-tzu
  6. Chang Kuo-lao
  7. Lan Ts'ai-ho
  8. Ho Hsien-ku
Together they travelled to the undersea world in craft which they made simply by throwing anything they carried into the sea. They fought and defeated the Dragon-king of the Eastern Sea who had captured Lan Kai-ho. Occasionally known as Eight Immortals, Eight Fairies, Eight Fairies, Immortals, Immortals, Pa Hsien or Pa Hsien.

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