Eight Diagrams

Chinese - A series of signs composed of straight lines. The lines employed in these diagrams, invented by Fu-hsi, are either continuous lines (Yang I) or broken lines (Yin I) representing the Yang (male) and Yin (female) principles. The signs, which are used in divination and as talismans guarding against demons, are listed, together with the elements and animals they represent, as follows: 1. Ch'ien - sky, heaven, horse 2. Chen - thunder, dragon 3. Li - fire, sun, heat, pheasant 4. K'an - lake, rain, moon, pig 5. Ken - mountains, dog 6. K'un - the earth, ox 7. Sun - wind, wood, fowl 8. Tui - sea, water, goat At times, identified as Eight Diagrams, Kwa, Kwa, Pa Kua or Pa Kua.

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