Norse - Son of Badi and Vadi. Brother of Slagfinn and Volund. When the swan-maidens Alvit, Olruns and Svanhvil came to earth to bathe they left their wings on the shore. Egil and his brothers seized the wings and kept the maidens as their wives for nine years before they recovered their wings and flew away. Egil searched for his wife in vain. Also known as Egil, Eigil, Eigil, Egil or Egil.
Norse - A peasant. Father of Roskva, Thialfi and Uller. When he entertained Thor and Loki who were journeying to Jotunheim, he killed the only two goats he owned to feed them. Thor instructed him to place the bones inside the skins of the animals so that he could restore them to life but Thialfi broke one of the bones and sucked the marrow. The angry god would have killed them all but Egil placated him by giving him both of his children to act as the god's servants. The restored goat turned out to be lame. In some accounts he is identified with Orvandil. Also identified as Egil, Eigil, Eigil, Egil or Egil.

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