British - Son of Euroswydd and Penardun. Brother of Nisien. Half brother of Bran, Branwen and Manawydan. Bran had agreed to give his sister Branwen in marriage to Matholwch, king of Ireland, who came on a visit to Bran's court. Efnisien, who was very unstable, was angry at not being consulted and mutilated the horses of compensation and returned to Ireland, taking Branwen with them. Their resentment flared up again and Branwen was treated as a kitchen-maid until she got a message, via a starling, to Bran who brought an army to Ireland to rescue her. The Irish concealed warriors in leather bags to ambush Bran's men but Efnisien discovered them and squeezed them all to death. Matholwch agreed to hand over the throne to the boy Gwern but Efnisien caused further strife by throwing the boy into the fire and killing him. He was killed in the subsequent fighting or, in another version, killed himself by jumping into Matholwch's cauldron which split into pieces to prevent its further use to revivify soldiers killed in the battle. At times, known as Efnisien, Efnissyen, Efnissyen, Evnisien, Evnisien, Evnissyen or Evnissyen.

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