Egyptian - A cobra-goddess of the Lower Kingdom. She is regarded as a goddess of the primordial darkness, later as a nurse of Bast and Horus. She is represented by the uraeus worn in the headdress of the pharaoh and is associated with the udjat, Ra's third eye. In some accounts, Edjo is the same as Wadjet. Occasionally known as Edjo, Bouto, Bouto, Buto, Wadjet, Buto, Buto, Lady of Heaven, Lady of Heaven, Kades, Qedeshet, Per-U-Ajit, Per-U-Ajit, Queen of Gods, Queen of Gods, Vach, Vach Wadjet, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Heaven, Anat, Arinna, Astarte, Hebat, Hera, Holy Mother, Hsi Wang Mu, Inanna, Isis, Juno, Marishiten, Matron of the Measure, Tara, T'ien Hou, Vajravarahi, Astarte, Juno, Uachit, Uachit, Uadjit, Uadjit, udjat, udjat, Eye of Horus, Eye of Horus, Eye of Ra, Eye of Atum, Eye of Horus, udjat-eye, wedjat eye, Utnapishtim, Utnapishtim, Pir-napishtim, Uta-napishtim, Utanapishtim, Utnapishti, Uta-naptishtim, Babylonian Atrahasis, Sumerian Ziusudra, Atrahasis, B(o)uto, B(o)uto, Uto, Uto, Greek Leto, Greek Leto or Latona.

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