British - A knight. Husband of Loosepayne and Winlayne. He loved Winlayne, daughter of an earl, Bragas, but she rejected him, saying that he must prove himself the greatest champion before she would even consider his suit. He set out to prove himself in a contest with Grey-steel, a fearsome knight who defended The Forbidden Island against allcomers and was defeated, returning home in dishonour and lacking one of his little fingers, cut off by Grey-steel as his customary humiliation of a defeated foe. Edgar's great friend, Grahame, hatched an elaborate plot whereby, when he managed to kill Grey-steel, the credit was given to Edgar. When Grahame was killed in battle, Edgar confessed all and Winlayne left him, retiring to a convent. Edgar, stricken by the loss, went off to fight the Saracens, hoping in vain to be killed. When he returned, he found that Winlayne had died and found some comfort by marrying Loosepayne, widow of his greatest friend, Grahame. Known as Edgar.

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