British - A warrior at King Arthur's court. Son of Nudd. When Geraint first saw this knight he enquired of his servant, a dwarf, who he was. The dwarf struck him with his whip. Geraint avenged this insult when he met the knight in combat for the title of the Knight of the Sparrowhawk, which Edern had held for two years, and defeated him. He was also the leader of the black troop in Rhonabwy's dream. Occasionally known as Edern, Ebern, Ebern, Edeyrn, Edeyrn, Edryb, Edryb, Edrnb, Edrnb, Knight of the Sparrowhawk, Knight of the Sparrowhawk, Yder, Yder, Isdernus, Edryn or Edryn.

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