British - Foster-father of King Arthur. Father of Kay. He raised Arthur alongside his own son, Kay, until Arthur was fifteen at which time he took them both to London and Arthur became king. He was killed at the battle with the Romans outside Rouen where Arthur killed Lucius, the Roman general. Sometimes referred to as Ector, Extor, Extor or Ector.
British - A Knight of the Round Table. Son of King Ban by the wife of Agravadain. Brother of Lancelot. He rescued Perse, whom he loved, from the hands of Zelotes. He was one of the many knights captured by Tarquin and later released by Lancelot. He, with Bors and Lionel, searched for Lancelot when he went mad and disappeared from Camelot. Percival finally found him at Castle Bliant and persuaded him to return to the court. Ector joined the other knights in the Grail quest and rode for some days with Gawain, finally reaching a deserted chapel where he fell asleep in a pew and dreamed that Lancelot was beaten and placed on a donkey and that he himself was turned away from a house where a wedding was in progress. A voice told them they were not fit for the Grail quest so they went to Nascien the hermit who interpreted the dreams and confirmed what the voice had told them. After the death of King Arthur and Lancelot he went to live in the Holy Land where he fought the Turks. Occasionally identified as Ector, Extor, Extor or Ector.

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