Greek - A nymph of Mount Helicon. Mother of Iambe and Iynx by Pan. She amused Hera with stories while Zeus entertained his concubines and was punished by the loss of her voice. She could only repeat words uttered by others. Rejected by Narcissus, she pined away leaving only her voice behind, still repeating what others say. An alternative version says that Narcissus killed her accidentally, piercing her with a lance. Another version has it that when she rejected the advances of Pan he caused some shepherds to tear her to pieces, leaving only her voice; or he rendered her capable of repeating only what others said which so annoyed the shepherds that they dismembered her. Called Echo.
North American - a spirit of the Pueblo tribes Also commonly called Echo.
Pacific Islands - A bodiless voice, the earliest voice in the universe. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Echo.

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