Japanese - A Shinto god of commerce, fishermen, good fortune and self-effacement, one of the 7 Shichi Fukujin. Son of Daikoku. He was originally the premature son of Izanagi and Izanami, born in the form of a jellyfish or leech, and known as Hiru-ko. He is regarded as the patron of good workers and is depicted as a cheerful fat man holding a fishing rod and a fish. Some say he was banished for some crime and lived for many years on an island where he spent most of his time fishing, laying his catch on the shore of the mainland as food for the locals. It was said that he could spend several days under water. In some accounts he is identified with Hiru-ko, Koto-shiro-nushi or Ta-no-kami. At times, referred to as Ebisu, Hiru-ko, Hiru-ko, Hiro-ko, Hirugo, Hiruko, Leech Child, Buddhist Fudo or Buddhist Fudo.

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