Saxon - A fertility-goddess and goddess of spring. She owned a hare in the moon which loved eggs and she was sometimes depicted as having the head of a hare. Also commonly referred to as Eastre, Eostre, Eostre, Oestra, Oestra, German Ostara, German Ostara, Norse Freya, Norse Freya, Ostara, Frigga, Frigga, Frau Holle, Fri, Fria, Fricka, Friga, Frige, Frigg, Gode, Holle, Vrou-Elde, Fri(a), Anglo-Saxon Frig, German Bertha, (Frau) Gode, (Frau) Holle, (Frau) Wode, Frija, Holda, Huda, Huld(r)a, Nerthus, Lombard Frea or Saxon Eastre.

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