Irish - A bishop. He explained the meaning of the dream experienced by Brendan's mother before his birth. At times, referred to as Earc.
Irish - King of Tara. Son of Cairbre Nia Fear and Feidhilm. Father of Fergus and Murtaghh mac. Earc. He was installed as king when his father was killed by Cuchulainn. He was one of those attacking Cuchulainn at the end and flung the spear that wounded Grey of Macha. He was killed by Conal Cearnach to avenge Cuchulainn's death. Also commonly called Earc.
Irish - Daughter of Loarn. Wife of Muireadhach. Mother of Muircheartach. Eochu, king of Scotland, carried off Muireadhach from Ireland but the Irishman killed him and took Earc back to Ireland as his wife. When her husband was killed by a jealous rival, Earc restored him to life. Referred to as Earc.

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