General - A large bird of prey. (1) In Babylonian lore, the eagle was a demon. When he ate all of the offspring of Mother Serpent, Samas condemned him to death. Mother Serpent hid inside a slaughtered ox and killed Eagle when he came to feed on the carcass. A two-headed eagle was regarded as an attribute of Nergal. (2) In Greek myths, the eagle was sacred to Zeus since it had brought nectar to nourish the infant god when he was hidden from Cronus. (3) Hindu lore identifies the eagle with Garuda and Gayatri. (4) The Japanese regard the eagle as representing Uye Minu, an aspect of the Buddha. (5) Norse myths have the eagle as the guardian of Asgard. Odin himself often took the guise of an eagle and the eagle sitting in the world-tree, Yggdrasil, represented light and wisdom. The eagle Egder, generator of storms, will appear at Ragnarok. (6) Some Indian tribes of North America say that this bird, which they call Master of Height, represents the Great Spirit of the Thunderbird. (7) Persian lore regards the eagle as a form of the storm-god and as an emblem of the large Persian empire. It was believed that the feathers of this great bird carried the prayers of the tribe up to heaven. (8) The Romans regard this bird as an aspect of Jupiter. (9) The Sumerians say that the eagle brought children into the world and took the souls of the dead out of it. It appears as the storm-bird, Zu. Occasionally known as eagle.

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