Norse - Beings created from the maggots that bred in the flesh of the dead Ymir. These beings were banished to their own realm, Svartalfheim, below the earth, where they extracted and hoarded precious metals and stones. If they were exposed to daylight they turned to stone unless they happened to be wearing the Tarnkappe. Their ruler was Volund. They were said to have dark skins and green eyes and they wore long beards. Their short legs ended in crow's feet. In some accounts they are the same as the elves; in others they are separate beings. Sometimes referred to as Dwarfs, bergsmiedlein, bergsmiedlein, Bjerkfolk, Bjerkfolk, Black Elves, Black Elves, Nibelungen, Dockalfar, Dockalfar, Elves, dwarfs, elves, Dokkalfar, Dokkalfar, duergar, duergar, dvergar, dvergar, erdleute, erdleute, ermannlein, ermannlein, kleinevolk, kleinevolk, kobold, kobold, Heinzelmannchen, British brownie, knocker, Welsh coblyn, Stillevolk, Stillevolk, Svartalfar, Svartalfar, Svartelfar, Svartelfar, Svurtalfar, Svurtalfar, unterirdische, unterirdische, bjergfolk, bjergfolk, erdeute, erdeute, erdmannlein, erdmannlein, unterirdiscje, unterirdiscje, unterjordiske, unterjordiske, Ni(e)b(e)lung, Ni(e)b(e)lung, Huldrafolk, Huldrafolk, Hulderfolk, Huldra, Huldrefolk, Huldu, Huldu-folk, Uldra, Huldra, Svart-elfar or Svart-elfar.

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