Hindu - An island continent. Seven such continents, with Mount Meru in the middle, were envisaged, each surrounded by its own ocean. They were known as Jambu, Krauncha, Kusa, Plaksha, Pushkara, Saka and Salmala. Only four continents are referred to in the Mahabharata: Bhadrasva, Jambu, Ketumala and Uttara Kuru. In some accounts, known as Dvipa, Bhadrasva, Bhadrasva, Dwipa, Dwipa, Jambridvipa, Jambridvipa, Jambu, Jambudvipa, Jambudwipa, Rose-apple Island, Jambu(dvipa), Ketumala, Ketumala, Krauncha, Krauncha, Kusa, Kusa, Plaksha, Plaksha, Pushkara, Pushkara, Saka, Saka, Salmala or Salmala.

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