Dutch Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


A 13th C. Story of the adventures of Gawain, Lancelot and Moriaen. Sometimes called Moriaen, Moraien, Moraien or Moriaen.

Vostaert, Pieter

The author of Walewein, a story of Gawain. Occasionally referred to as Vostaert, Pieter.


A name for Holda in Holland. Also identified as Vrou-Elde, Frigga, Frigga, Eastre, Frau Holle, Fri, Fria, Fricka, Friga, Frige, Frigg, Gode, Holle, Ostara, Fri(a), Anglo-Saxon Frig, German Bertha, (Frau) Gode, (Frau) Holle, (Frau) Wode, Frija, Holda, Huda, Huld(r)a, Nerthus, Lombard Frea, Saxon Eastre, Holda, Holda, Bertha, Brechta, Frau Gode, Frau Venus, Harfer, Herke, Hold(e), Holl(e), Hulle or Norse Frigga.
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