Hindu - A warrior-prince. One of the 100 sons of Dhartarashthra. He was the leader of the Kauravas in their battle with the Pandavas. Having won the kingdom of Bharata by cheating at dice, he lost it, his army and his ninety-nine brothers in the battle. The five Pandava brothers found him hiding in a lake and offered to fight him. Bhima, the first to fight, smashed his thigh and he sent Ashvathaman to kill the Pandavas by night. Shiva took them out of harm's way and the would-be assassin was driven mad. He killed every soldier he could find, including five of Duryodhana's nephews. When he saw the severed heads of his nephews, brought back by Asvathaman, Duryodhana dropped dead on the spot. Also referred to as Duryodhana, Javanese Duryudana, Javanese Duryudana, Suyudana, Suyudana or Duryudana.

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