Mesopotamian - The Sumerian god of fertility, flocks, grain, herds and god of the underworld. Son of Ninsuna. Son of Ea, some say. Brother of Belili. Consort of Inanna. When Inanna was released from the underworld where she had gone to challenge the authority there of her sister Erishkegal, she was required to provide a substitute. She nominated Dumuzi and Geshtin-anna and these two served alternate periods in the underworld. In an effort to escape this fate, he changed himself into a gazelle, helped by his sister, Belili. In some references, identified as Dumuzi, Dumuzida, Dumuzida, Tammuz, Du'uzu, Du'uzu, Amaushumgalanna, Amaushumgalanna, Ama-Usum-Gal-Ana, Damu, Damu, Duuzu, Duuzu, Tammuz of the Abyss, Tammuz of the Abyss, Babylonian Tammuz, Babylonian Tammuz, Adonis, Greek Adonis, Greek Adonis or Attis.

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