Dubhthach Daol Uladh

Irish - A warrior of Ulster. Father of Cormac mac Dubhthach. He was one of those trapped by the forces of Connaught at the hostel of Da Coga and only he, Amergin and Fiacha mac Fir Beibhe survived the battle. He was one of the party sent by Conor mac Nessa to escort Deirdre and Naisi back from Scotland, where they had eloped. When Conor broke his promise of safe conduct and killed Naisi and his brothers, Dubhthach and his son, together with Fergus, attacked Emain Macha and killed 300 of the garrison. All three then joined forces with Maev, Queen of Connaught. He was a troublemaker and started the trouble at Bricciu's feast, the meeting at which Cuchulainn took part in a beheading contest. It was said that his tongue was black as a result of his bitter speech. Also commonly referred to as Dubhthach Daol Uladh, Doel Ulad, Doel Ulad, Doeltenga, Doeltenga, Dubhthach Doel Ulad, Dubhthach Doel Ulad, Dubhthach Doeltanga, Dubhthach Doeltanga, Duftach Daolteangach or Duftach Daolteangach.

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