Greek - Daughter of Dryops or Eurytus. Wife of Andraemon. Mother of Amphissus by Apollo. She was seduced by Apollo in the form of a tortoise, producing a son, Amphissus. In some accounts she is referred to as Penelope and is the mother of Pan by Hermes. Some say that she and her fellow water nymphs carried off Hylas when he came ashore from the Argo to search for water. When she picked a branch of a lotus tree, blood started to run - it was the nymph Lotis. Dryope was changed into a lotus tree or a poplar. In another account she was carried off by her fellow nymphs. A poplar tree and a spring appeared on the same spot and she became a nymph of that spring. In some lore, occasionally known as Dryope, Druope, Druope, Dryope or Dryope.
Greek - Wife of Anius, in some accounts. Mother of the Oenotropoe. Occasionally identified as Dryope, Druope, Druope, Dryope or Dryope.

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