Hindu - A princess. Daughter of Drupada. She was won by Arjuna in an archery contest and became the wife of all five of the Pandava brothers. The Kauravas claimed that the contest had been unfair, so Duryodhana played Yudhishthira at dice to settle the matter. The Kaurava leader won and took not only Draupadi but Yudhishthira's lands as well. Draupadi was treated as a slave by the Kauravas and then sent into exile, living for twelve years in the forest with her five husbands. A cousin, Jayadratha, who tried to seduce her, was beaten and robbed by the Pandavas. She later became a servant at the court, where a general named Kichaka tried to seduce her and was battered to death by Bhima. At the end of the period in exile, the war between the two familes was fought. Draupadi went with the Pandavas who, after they had won, travelled to Mount Meru to purify themselves, but Draupadi died en route. Sometimes identified as Draupadi, Krishnaa, Krishnaa, Panchali or Panchali.

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